How long will it take until my order is being shipped or processed?

Please accept our sincere apology for the delay in processing your order.

There have been way too many orders and e-mails coming in right after we had listed the new items in the web shop as we could process and reply to within the  usual time frame. 

We are working at our limits to get as many orders shipped out in the sequence they came in. Depending on the order number we expect a delay in the range of a few weeks.

We certainly would be glad if you could accept our apology and that the delayed shipping is acceptable for you.

Thank you already for your understanding and for your patience.
Sincerely Your Inflatable World team.


Update of 19th of April 2023 regarding:
When will the new and remade items being restocked?

Based on the latest information from the Chinese factory, the manufacturing of all items is now completed and all items have been loaded into the container already.

Assuming that there will be no further delays for the sea freight and customs clearance, we expect to have the new and temporarily sold out items back in stock and listed in the web shop by about beginning of June.

For the extremely long waiting time and the repeated delays of the restocking date, we kindly would like to ask you to accept our sincere apology and wanted to thank you for your huge patience.
Sincerely Your Inflatable World team.


When will the new and remade items being restocked?

First of all we kindly would like to ask you to accept our sincere apology that we could not meet the originally anticipated date of the 27th of December 2022 for restocking the new designs and all the other items listed under "temporarily sold out".

We can not blame the factory in China for the delay, since it was us taking so much longer to have all the samples made for the new designs and finally to have all the manufacturing drawings ready for the factory to get started.
We tried hard to make the shape of the new designs look as much as possible as the design drawing and it take us several trials to get as close as possible.
As an example we have listed the pictures of the blank sample of the "Dragon Ride On" and the "Bunny-Fox"

Even so that in the meantime the factory has started with the making of the repeat items, the complete shipment might only be ready after the Chinese New Year celebration.
As soon as we have a more precise date we will update the so far mentioned date of 31st of March 2023.

Again, we do apologize sincerely for this long delay and hoping that your interest in the new designs and remade items will still be up by the time we actually have him back in stock.
We do want to thank you very much your huge patience and understanding.

Sincerely Your Inflatable World team.

We Accept

Shipping Costs

Please note that the German Parcel Post (DHL) is asking for a Corona Crisis surchgarge because of increased transportation cost caused by the reduced number of flights going overseas. The surcharge will be added during check out process and applies to the following countries:
Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, NewZealand, Brazil, Chile, USA, China, Hongkong, Canada, Russia, Israel, Georgia, Turky, Mexico, Kazachstan, Malaysia, Thailand, Macau, Argentinia, Paraguay, Peru, Saudi Arabia, India, Vietnam, Philipines, Indonesia, Guam, Puerto Rico.

Shipping cost within Germany is a flat rate of 5.60 Euro independent of the weight of the package.
For all other countries, the shipping cost will be calculated based on the total weight of the
package. The shipping cost will be calculated and displayed during the checkout process.

For packages delivered within Germany and within the EU, insurance is included in the
shipping rate and covers the total value of the package.

For packages delivered outside the EU an additional insurance cost between 4 Euro and 8 Euro
(depending on the total value of the package) will added to cover the total value of the package.

The transit time after the order has been processed and dispatched is:
=> for packages shipped within Germany normally between 3 and 4 working days
=> for packages shipped within the EU normally between 7 and 11 working days
=> for packages shipped outside the EU countries normally between 2 and 5 weeks.

However, please be aware that due to the unusual increase of incoming orders our process time to have your order ready for dispatch has increased dramatically. It could take several weeks depending on the date the order has been submitted. We kindly ask you to accept our sincere apology for this inconvenience and wanted to thank you already for your patience and understanding.

Please fee free to submit questions regarding the shipping or any other questions through the
contact form or by e-mail to:   info@inflatableworld.de